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staff members

Thomas Hord, Executive Director

Paige Bramlett, Youth Coach

Allison Skaggs, Youth Coach

Heather Harris, YAHEP Coach 

Emily Holverson, YAHEP Coach

Board of Directors

Damon Cox, President


Rachelle Hawkins, Vice President

Kevin Rankel, Treasurer

Wendy Preilis, Secretary
Terry Keusch, Board Member
Angie Sodrel, Board Member
Paul Jones, Board Member

Terri Haehnle, Board Member

Jana Noble, Board Member

Dawn Gunderson, Board Member

Chifundo Kanchewere,  Board Member

Amanda Hoff, Board Member

Paige McIntire, Board Member

Jessie Johns, Board Member

If you are interested in serving KIC IT as a Board Member, click here to obtain an application.

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