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Recognizing the enormity of the challenges our society faces, KIC-IT is dedicated to making

a lasting impact through our initiatives & programs for the youth in Johnson County.

Each program and initiative embraces our core values: Community. Action. Resilience. Education. Sustainability. 



Immediate Assistance.

Clients have access to laundry facilities, can eat a warm meal, receive hygiene, pantry items or clothing, use computers, and spend time talking with staff and peers. 

We see every challenge as an opportunity, and this initiative helps us ensure that our clients are better prepared to manage the unique situations they find themselves in. We are invested in innovative approaches that empower our community.  Through our individualized, person-centered coaching

approach we help individuals set goals, make connections, and achieve sustainability.

The Youth Development Program

provides 1:1 coaching, encouragement, and

guidance for youth focusing on three primary areas:

1) Safe & Stable Housing.    2) Financial Stability.

3) Developing Sustainable Life Skills.

KIC(K) Start Housing Program

Breaking cycles, changing lives, and life transformation begins with a housing first approach. In a county that offers zero shelters and zero permanent/transitional housing options, KIC-IT was blessed to work with a private donor to begin their own housing program in October 2021. It quickly expanded to three single-family homes and KIC-IT now operates three homes as part of the KIC(K)Start Housing Program. As part of the program, youth must also engage in the Youth Development program and understands that it is a program meant to assist them in changing their lives - not operate as a shelter. Youth work on three primary goals as part of the program: 1) Gaining employment or continuing their education. 2) Budget/Financial Skills. 3) Increasing life skills. All goals are individualized to the needs of their situation and goals. 

Early intervention & prevention. The goal of YAHEP is to prevent future youth homelessness by working with youth while they are still enrolled in high school. KIC-IT has partnered with local high schools in Johnson County with the hopes to assist youth in 1) Increasing educational attainment. 2) Prevent homelessness. 3) Assist youth in planning & preparation for post high school. 4) Assist youth in learning how to access community resources. 

YAHEP was launched in September 2022 and while we are identifying more homeless youth, KIC-IT has witnessed early success thanks to partnerships with school administration & high levels of student participation!

YAHEP Program

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Monthly Youth Action Nights provide an opportunity for youth to build community, engage in fun, and learn something new! KIC-IT partners with businesses & organizations to provide opportunities each month that are educational & interactive! Anything from bingo, yoga, bowling, budgeting, speed interviewing & more!

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