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COVID-19. How you can help KIC-IT.

The at-risk, are increasingly more at-risk as COVID-19 continues to impact our lives.

During these uncertain times we remain dedicated to helping those in our community. We continue to maintain our Blessing Box, deliver food & hygiene items to clients, and provide services to the best of our ability. If you are in need of services, please contact us or contact the United Way Help-line: 317.738.4636.

We are blessed by those reaching out asking how they can support KIC-IT and our community. Here is a list of helpful ways as we work to support our clients:

1. Gas only gift cards

2. Food donations (fresh fruit, breakfast items,

3. Daily living items, hand sanitizer, cleansing wipes.

4. Deliver food to hotels/motels.

5. Gift cards to restaurants that deliver.

6. Microwave safe dishes/bowls.

Call our office (317) 428.2078 or email for more information.

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