Department of Housing & Urban Development

Definiton of homelessness

  1. An unsheltered person who resides in a place not meant for human habitation: (e.g., cars, tents, parks, sidewalks, abandoned buildings, streets, parks)

  2. A sheltered person who resides in

  • Emergency shelters

  • Transitional housing (e.g., for homeless persons who originally came from the streets or emergency shelters)

  • Residential programs for runaway/homeless youth

  • Hotel, motel, or apartment voucher arrangements paid for by a public/private agency because the person or family is homeless


Persons living in “doubled up” situations (e.g., multiple households living under one roof due to loss of housing by one or more parties) and those persons residing in hotels/motels who pay for it themselves are not considered “literally homeless” by HUD for the purposes of the Point-In-Time Homeless Count.

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