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KIC-IT (Kids In Crisis - Intervention Team) began meeting at Youth Connections in the Fall of 2009, as service providers realized there was a gap in services for teens and young adults who were homeless or couch-surfing.  These youth often showed up at churches seeking help, especially housing, but the necessary resources simply weren't available. In the fall of 2011, members of KIC-IT launched a pilot program to begin serving this population in Johnson County.  The initial phase of the program provided


for a drop-in center, where youth could get connected with people and programs that can offer solutions.  

KIC-IT provided its first volunteer orientation on November 19, 2011, thus expanding its services to begin offering outreach and case management to at-risk and homeless youth, ages 16-25, in Johnson County.


By the beginning of 2012, the demand for our services was undeniable, at which time KIC-IT formally incorporated and filed for non-profit status to better position the organization for even greater community impact.  KIC-IT received 501(c)3 non-profit recognition from the Federal government in 2014, and we are currently working to enhance and expand our services to better meet the needs of homeless young people in our community.  


2016 was an exciting year! KIC-IT reached out to United Way of Johnson County about becoming an agency of United Way. United Way has a strict vetting processing that an agency must go through to be considered a United Way agency. KIC-IT completed the application, met all the requirements and gave a presentation in front of the  United Way allocation panel. The panel voted, and in 2016, KIC-IT officially became an agency of United Way of Johnson County. Being a United Way Agency comes with amazing benefits such as broader community awareness and financial support. United Way of Johnson County assists with a portion of our operating costs allowing our fundraising efforts to focus on our clients.  Additionally, in 2016, we hired our first employee; case manager. This was the first year that KIC-IT had not solely relied on volunteers and life coaches for providing assistance to clients. The transition from life coaching to case management made working with clients more efficient and person-centered. Our case manager's focus is on relationship building and ensuring our clients are comfortable and feel safe. Our clients reported within the first month of providing case management they enjoyed the new approach and it was much easier as they only had to tell their story to one person versus different life coaches every week. In April of 2016, KIC-IT responded to a Request for Proposal as to what agency would like to administer a new program of United Way of Johnson County called No Place To Call Home. By September of 2016, KIC-IT had been chosen and we welcomed the No Place to Call Home Program Director into the KIC-IT family. Click here to learn more about No Place to Call Home.


2017 and 2018 were equally exciting. In late 2017, KIC-IT moved into its new location at 592 Ironwood Drive Franklin, IN 46131 directly next to United Way of Johnson County. This was the first space KIC-IT had worked out of in 3 1/2 years that had a bathroom! Before staff and clients had to utilize the bathroom in the building next door. Our new location is on the Johnson County ACCESS Public Transit bus line and clients can utilize a washer and dryer. In early 2018, KIC-IT was accepted in the Indiana Housing Community & Development Permanent Supportive Housing Institute. This unique and amazing opportunity allowed KIC-IT and No Place to Call Home to grow and learn the importance of how permanent supportive housing is the answer to addressing chronic homelessness. Attending the housing institute was KIC-IT's first step of many to bring much needed affordable and permanent supportive housing to Johnson County. KIC-ITs mission is to empower homeless youth and give them the tools necessary to not just survive, but become successful contributing members of society. Affordable and permanent supportive housing IS the key to their success. 


KIC-IT continues to deliver direct services to youth in need, we strive to strengthen the capacity of public and private organizations by increasing knowledge about collaboration, homelessness, and successful interventions as well as innovative solutions to work towards ending homelessness.

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